Having security cameras is one of the most essential tools necessary to monitor the activity of your business. Surveillance cameras are often used by employers to observe employee misconduct (especially theft), monitoring job performance and efficiency, and assuring compliance with safety procedures. Cameras act as motivators and can encourage workers to perform to the best of their abilities and in return, employers can recognize their good work. They can also reduce fraudulent worker's compensation claims. 

If you are a business owner, protection from internal and external theft is a priority. Here at Leader Security Systems, we understand you are busy and don't have the time to worry about shoplifters, burglars, and vandals. Let us protect your employees, customers, assets and inventory through our 24/7 professional monitoring and camera surveillance services.               

Our central monitoring station has the capability of tracking employee activity, such as the times that they have entered or exited a room or a building. Additional monitored features that we offer include: hold up buttons, temperature sensors, flood sensors, smoke detectors, heat detectors, gas detectors and more. Be sure to visit our Products page for descriptions of the many services that we can provide.

With our Business Connect Module, you can connect to your business in a way like never before from anywhere in the world!  See how Leader Security Systems  can put the management tools in place for your business today.