Our state of-the-art UL certified central station is located locally and is backed up out of state in case of hurricanes and inclement weather. When every second counts, you can rely on our professionals for laser-sharp alarm response. We have the most stringent set of hiring standards in the industry, including educational qualifications. After background checks, profile exams and drug screening, our operators undergo intense certified training that includes incident simulations, alarm processing, system troubleshooting, industry readings, daily written quizzes, and more. That's just the first six weeks: training and learning never stops! Your security is our number one priority.

When your alarm is triggered, our advanced computer system alerts our operators to the nature of the emergency (burglary, fire, medical, etc.) They will pin-point the location, identify your response plan and initiate emergency instructions. The operator will do an immediate verification call to the premises. Emergency personnel will be dispatched if an incorrect passcode is given or if there is no answer. Every event detail and phone conversation is time-stamped and archived for instant review. When you are having an emergency and require immediate response, there is no margin for error; no excuse for a system failure or signal interruption.


If the alarm goes off in your home or business, the response must be instantaneous, precise, professional and 100% reliable. Leader Security Systems has a reputation of having the quickest monitoring response in the industry. Unlike larger companies where their call centers are inundated with calls and it can take them significantly longer to respond to an alarm, our customer service is local and our operators are available 24/7, 365 days a year to assist you.