Frequently Asked Questions

What is a security system? 
A security system is composed of a main panel, keypad and alarm devices that protect doors, windows, sliders, etc. Interior protection such as motion detectors can be added to the system. The quantity, quality and placement of security devices is very important. At Leader Security Systems, we feel that a security system needs to involve the entire perimeter of the house (including all windows, all doors and attic access) and that just the front door/back door system is not as safe and secure. 

What makes Leader Security Systems superior to other security companies in the area?
Leader Security Systems has the fastest monitoring response times in the industry with the most reliable service. Our operators are available 24/7 to assist you over the phone with any problems or questions that you may have. If the operator is unable to troubleshoot the problem, a technician can be paged at any time of the day or night. Our technicians are some of the areas best, most having over 15 years experience in the industry. The majority of the time they will be able to fix your problems over the phone. If not, they will be happy to come out to your home or business to check your system. 

What is the cost of a security system?
The cost of the security system is based on the size of your home or business and number of devices you need to fully service your home or business. Here at Leader Security Systems, all of our security systems are custom made and our systems designer will propose a system to meet your needs.

What should I do if I am going out of town?
Call the office with the dates you are going to be gone, change the emergency contact list for the period of time you will be away if you have someone watching your home or business and explain the basic operation of the system to those contact people. 

What do I do when I want to update information on my account?
Call the office to update phone numbers, passwords, contact people, users and to change arm/disarm codes, etc. 

If I accidentally set off my alarm, what should I do?
If you have accidentally set your alarm off, DO NOT call us. You should disarm your system and wait for a call from our central monitoring station. Once you receive the call, you must give them your proper password. They will then ask you if everything is okay and if so, they will not dispatch the police.

What maintenance is needed to keep my system in the best working condition? 
Test your system at least once every two months to make sure that it is communicating properly, especially if you have changed phone companies. 

How do I avoid having false alarms?
Keep your system well maintained by testing it on a regular basis. If you are away and are having someone watching your home or business, make sure that person is instructed with their correct passwords and codes. Be sure to assign passwords and codes to anyone who has access to your home or business on a regular basis, i.e., housekeepers, workers, pool maintenance, etc. Our false alarm percentages are the lowest in the area because we keep customer error at a minimum through our excellent customer service and service department. 

What is the length of the warranty on brand new systems?
One year from the new install date. If you have moved into a home or business that has an existing system that is out of warranty, all existing equipment will be checked at the time of the walk-thru and any that needs replacing will be done on a time and material basis. 

What are security screens?
A security screen is one of the secure ways to protect a window and allows you to have windows open with the alarm system on. 

What is another way to have the system armed with windows open?
We can install another window switch that will allow you to have windows opened 6-7 inches and still arm the system.