• Window Contact

Windows are one the most common access point for thieves, that is why it is so important to have contacts on all windows of your home or business. They work the same way as a door contact.

  • Recessed Door Contact  

When a door is opened, a contact sensor is triggered. If the system is armed, a signal is sent to the central monitoring station. If it is not armed, the door will chime.

  • NetworX Keypad

The keypad will provide you with  your systems status and is typically located near the main entrance of your home or business so that you can easily arm and disarm your system when you arrive and depart.

  • NetworX Panel

The control panel is essentially the "brains" of a security system. Typically they are  installed inside a closet or other hidden area of your home or business.

Our Products

  • Humidity Sensor

A humidity sensor measures  and

reports an in humidity in the the air, 
usually indicating a problem with an air conditioning system. Humidity sensors are especially useful for northern visitors who

leave for extended periods of time. 

  • Motion Detector 

Motion detectors sense intruders  
when your alarm system is armed. When the system is disarmed, you are able to walk freely around your home or business without the authorities being notified. 


  • Water Sensor

A water sensor, also known as a flood sensor, detects the presence of water. They are typically installed in basements,  cellars, bathrooms, laundry rooms, or anywhere else where there likely could be water damage.


  • Gas Detector

A gas detector is a part of the security system that senses 
the presence of various gases. They are used to detect gas leaks and will sound an alarm to those in the area where the leak is occurring, giving them the opportunity to leave the area. 
  This device is important because 
there are many gases that can be harmful to humans or animals.


  • Central Vac System

This convenient and powerful semi-permanent vacuum cleaner system can be installed in your home or business to remove dirt or debris through tubing installed in the walls to a collection container in a remote utility  space. Inlets are installed in walls throughout the structure that attach to a power hose. This is a quieter, more efficient way of  vacuuming and it also removes allergens and odors because the system exhausts outside of the building.

  • Holdup Panic Button

 Holdup panic buttons send out a silent alarm to authorities once pushed, alerting them that you assistance. These are typically used in retail stores as "under the counter buttons".

  • Intercom System

This intercom system is great for distributing music  and communication 
throughout your entire home and patio. It supports up to fifteen room stations and up to three door speakers. It includes two music source inputs,

eight AM and eight FM radio station tuner presets, remote volume and source control from room stations. Pressing the privacy button on a room station prevents that room from being monitored. It can also activate door release mechanism.
  • Pet Friendly TriTech Motion Detector

This type of motion detector  will not trigger your alarm  system if it is an animal of a  certain size. This helps to reduce false alarms.

  • Pan Tilt Zoom Outdoor Dome Camera

Pan tilt zoom outdoor dome cameras pan 360 degrees, tilt 270 degrees and optically zoom in up to 22 times. They are controlled and programmed with either a desk top joy stick control or through a PC based  DVR. 

  • Battery Backup

The battery backup is an alarm battery that will ensure your security system will stay 
operational if there is a power 
failure. These will typically power an entire system for 8-12 hours, or in some cases even longer. 

  • Weatherproof Day/Night Bullet Camera

You will rest better at night  knowing that a close watch is being kept on your  property day and night, even if you're out of town. This weatherproof day/night bullet camera can be used both indoors and outdoors, and it connects to your DVR so that you can view or record any activity around your property.

  • Heat Detector

A heat detector is a device that detects a high temperature or a rapid rate-of-rise in temperature. If the temperature rises above a predetermined threshold, then an alarm signal is triggered.  Excessive heat heat can be a precursor to combustion. 

  • Outdoor Dome Camera

The outdoor dome camera is similar to the indoor dome camera, however the outdoor  dome camera is vandal-proof and weatherproof. The vandal proof dome cover makes this security camera extremely  tricky to be tampered with. 

  • Temperature Sensor

Temperature sensors send an alarm when a preset temperature  is reached or a rapid change in temperature occurs. When the central monitoring station receives a temperature sensor alarm, the operator will call the client to notify them of the unwanted temperature range.

  • Indoor Dome Camera

Indoor dome cameras can be  mounted on the wall or ceiling and adjusted to view any angle. The dome is designed to protect the camera inside. They are not weather tight and should not be installed where they are exposed to moisture or severe  temperatures. 

  • Glassbreak Detector

Glassbreak detectors trigger an alarm at the vibration or sound of breaking glass. Door and window contacts can only go so far. If a burglar breaks a first floor window (a very rare occurrence), they can enter the building without triggering contacts.

  • Point to Point Beams

External infrared beams, designed to protect the immediate perimeter of a building. They are used to activate an alarm system before a break-in occurs, minimizing property damage and risk to on-site personnel.

They can be programmed  to  automatically pan, tilt and zoom to predetermined locations and to a specific view if motion is detected or a pre-defined alarm occurs.

  • Smoke Detector

Our smoke detectors are  monitored, low voltage detectors that are connected to the security system. They will sound and send a signal to the central monitoring station when  triggered by smoke. It is very important to have monitored   smoke detectors if you want to protect your life and property. 


  • CO Detector

A CO detector senses the presence of the toxic gas carbon monoxide, a colorless and odorless compound produced by incomplete combustion and lethal at high levels. If a high level of CO is detected, an alarm will sound, giving those in the area a chance to ventilate the area or leave the building. CO can be formed by open flames, space heaters, blocked  chimneys or a car running inside a garage.

  • Refrigeration Temperature Senso​r

This device provides a time and cost

saving solution for temperature

sensitive areas, such a wine cellar,

by having an automated refrigerator 
temperature monitoring 

  • DVR (Digital Video Recorder)


A DVR is an electronic device that records video and saves it to a computer hard disk. It can be used with a video monitoring system so that sequences of  time can be recorded and played back at your convenience.

  • View Your DVR from your Computer, Tablet or Smartphone

Would you like to know what  is going on at your property? View live or recorded video from  your computer, smartphone or  
tablet any time. 

  • Pool Alarm

Pool alarms are used to protect unsupervised small children when they enter a pool or spa area. When a door, slider or window that leads to the pool area is opened, it will sound an alert that someone has entered the vicinity.